About us

We are the Caviar Society

The Caviar Society aims to be a worldwide scientific debating platform addressing individuals, corporations and other interested entities vis-a-vis universal aquaculture Caviar Productions. A Caviar Society Membership targets global groups, inter alia private individuals, members of institutions, local and regional organizations, a plethora of scientists from various spheres, regulators, administrators, planners, sturgeon fishery, and aquaculture experts, all in all in the quest for species protection.

We are a society. WE ARE THE CAVIAR SOCIETY.


The Caviar Society informs, educates and raises awareness on both, Sturgeon and CAVIAR, with the latter representing one of man’s supreme delicacies! – Over 500 million years old, the (anadromous) sturgeon is one of the world’s most prehistoric, still living creatures; and yet, when it comes to sturgeon and its precious roe, myths and misconceptions abound.

As a member of The Caviar Society, you will have exclusive access to conferences, consultations, meetings and dialogs with some of the world’s pre-eminent thinkers, ecologists, zoologists and environmentalists. In addition, members will have access to invitations of premium Caviar tasting events held at Princesse d’ISENBOURG’s headquarters in London. You will also have access to a favourable pricing structure on our large Caviar Range.

OUR SOCIETY can furnish you with publications on the various Sturgeon Species (acipenseriformes) and their precious Roes (Caviar), featuring Identifications, Memoirs, Conservation Guides and Historical Accounts together with Current Status.

The Caviar Society is your Entrée into understanding as to how the dwindling Sturgeon Species’ may be better protected. Having been one of our greatest indulgencies for centuries and captivating the World from Nobility to Modesty . . . If we cannot protect this ancient cradle resource  . . .  who then will ???